Mitsuyasu Hatakeda




Mitsuyasu Hatakeda was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1974.
畠田充康 He graduates from Osaka University of Fine Art in 1997 with a specialization in traditional Japanese garden architecture. After university he starts a career as a graphic designer, focusing on logo design and calligraphy. His interest in art was born at a very young age when he starts going to a painter’s atelier at five years old. He takes part in many collective and personal exhibitions, both in Japan and in France where he lives from 2004 to 2006. At present, he lives and works in Brescia, Italy.

Mitsuyasu is an eclectic artist. He experiments different technics, from oil to acrylic painting, from pastels to charcoal, from water colours to engraving. At present he is mainly focusing on the reinterpretation of both technic and subject of sumi, the traditional Japanese art of ink. The concept behind his work is a modernization of the tradition, obtained by the union of one of the most traditional Japanese painting technic (ink on washi paper) with a contemporary and, at times, abstract choice of subjects with the intent of creating a contemporary but at the same time traditional work. The need the artist feels is to rediscover the inner Japanese identity borrowing elements from the past to create a modern artistic language which results in an original as well as familiar work.


2000 - Personal, アンサンブレ (Osaka)
2002 - Personal, Tripul Ei (Osaka)
2005 - Collective “Tokyo”, Num (Paris)
          Collective “Utage”, Kamchatka (Paris)
2006 - Collective “Mandala”, ESSEC (Paris)/La Petite Rockette (Paris)
2007 - Personal, cafe Absinthe (Osaka) 
          Personal, Hot Brothers (Osaka)
          Personal, 大正PERORI (Osaka)
2009 - Personal, CIRCO MITALI' (Osaka)
          Personal, Galleria dell'Ombra (Brescia)
2010 - Personal, 22tu-tu galley (Osaka)
2011 - Personal, tamutamucafe (Osaka)
          Collective, 甲東ホール (Nishinomiya)
          Collective, Transnational Art 2011, Osaka Contemporary Art Center (Osaka)
2012 - Collective, "旅立ち展”, 22tu-tu galley (Osaka)
2016 - Personal, Infomation Point di Sale Marasino (Lago di Iseo) e Biblioteca (Brescia)
          Personal, Standout (Brescia)


2001 - Selected, Bijutsu Bunka Art Association of Kansai (Osaka)
2002 - Selected, Bijutsu Bunka Art Association of Kansai (Osaka)
2008 - Selected, “12th Liquitex Biennale” (Tokyo)
2009 - Selected, “Moon Art”(Kyoto)

Live Paint

2001 - "BUGGR2001" , mt.Senshu Katsuragi (Osaka)
2003 - "EARTH POOL on the MOUNTAIN" , Okumizuma Onsen (Osaka)
2005 - "都会に射す光の底に渦巻く宇宙を見つけたり" , Auvers sur Oise (France)
2006 - "NANIWA911" , Stomp (Osaka)
          "NEAR×NEAR" , PROPELLER DRIVE (Hukuoka)
          "死者の祭り" , Montage (Osaka)
          "JUNGLE BUDDHA" , Clapper (Osaka)
          "HappyCrystalliz" , Clapper (Osaka)
2007 - "NYD2007" , Karma (Osaka)
          Live paint on fashion show (Osaka)
          "GOST CASTLE" , Clapper (Osaka)
          "BuzzGoree×HAQQ×SuperbadMidibreaks JAPANTOUR" , Namba Rockets (Osaka)
          "ALCHEMIST" , clapper (Osaka)
          "残され島1周年" , Nokosare Jima (Osaka)
          Live paint , 坂下まなびの森鈴鹿峠自然の家 (Mie)
2008 - "NYD2008" , Karma (Osaka)
          "BE GOOD FAMILY" , SAOMAI (Osaka)
          "狼NOROSH!煙" , SAOMAI (Osaka)
2009 - "NYD2009" , Karma (Osaka)
          "誕生" , CIRCO MITALI' (Osaka)
          "momotaro&friends" , CIRCO MITALI' (Osaka)
          "鬼" , CIRCO MITALI' (Osaka)
          "涼しいライブペイント" , CIRCO MITALI' (Osaka)
2010 - "Raccolta Mika Yamaguchi Photo Exhibition" , CIRCO MITALI' (Osaka)
          "NANIWA INK. x RE:KODO x Le coccole" (Osaka)
          "Crepuscolo" , CIRCO MITALI' (Osaka)
2011 - "Osaka Aid for Tohoku" , CIRCO MITALI' (Osaka)
2012 - "ナツダツゲンパツ" (Osaka)
2013 - "Art Net Portraits" , Circo Mitali' (Osaka)
2014 - "あかマルシェ" 2days livepainting , CASO (Osaka)
2015 - "Festival Wonderland" , Idra (Brescia)
          "Metamorfosi Festival" , Nuova Libreria Rinascita (Brescia)
          "5 sensi" , Alberodonte (Brescia)
           "ponte" , Standout (Brescia)